Littlest Pet Shop: Coldhearted Season 1, Episode 7: "making A Move"



03 Jan 2016




Littlest Pet Shop: Coldhearted Season 1, Episode 7: "making, VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER HERE!! ↓
The flyers around the school announcing Colette's party are the talk of the school. Alice has already planned that she wants to go, but Willow thinks the opposite.

At lunch, Willow gets a very special question from Jase-- more commonly known as her "true love"--asking her to be his girlfriend. She says yes, and she's super excited about it. The group is confronted by Colette, telling them to come to their table for a very important announcement.

Colette tells everyone about her party on October 14th, and how it will be the best and craziest one they'll ever experience. Everyone is saying they're going to go, and going to wear the coolest costume yet.

After lunch, Jacob asks Alice hesitantly to be his girlfriend, and of course, she is shocked and says she would love to. Jacob takes her behind the vending machine--same old, same old-- and Alice experiences her first ever kiss.
What will happen next? How did Vincent even get his camera back in the first place? Are Jase and Jacob even trustworthy at this point?

Find out in the next episode of LPS: Coldhearted.
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