Top 10 Horrifying Acts Of Chemical Warfare And Gas Attacks Warning: Graphic Content



20 Apr 2016




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In this age of terror, there might be nothing more terrifying than the thought of an attack carried out with chemical weapons. We’ve all heard the horrific stories of soldiers being gassed in WWI, and the idea that it could happen in the here and now is blood-chilling.

Perhaps scariest of all is that this isn’t just a possibility. There are chemical attacks happening in the present day, just as there have been across history. And while you’d probably assume you’d hear about a devastating gas attack, we’re willing to bet you’re unfamiliar with more than one of these.

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10. The First Chemical Attack in History
9. The US and Agent Blue
8. The UK Gasses its Own Soldiers
7. The Matsumoto Incident
6. The Tokyo Gas Attack
5. The Idlib Attacks
4. Saddam Gasses the Kurds
3. The Ghouta Attack
2. The Bhopal Chemical Disaster
1. Saddam Gasses the Iranians

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