Top Most Dangerous Terrorist Organizations In The World



18 Nov 2015




Top Most Dangerous Terrorist Organizations In The World, Also Watch : Boy Commits Suicide, Jump in front of Local Train ►

Terrorist organizations occupy a constantly shifting and variegated territory. The nature of their goals require secrecy; thus, only those in the upper echelons of powerful positions know their true motives and movements. However, this list attempts to detail the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world, whether they’ve achieved this notoriety through the amount of attacks and people murdered, the longevity of their organization, or the fear that they’ve instilled in the global populace. Many people often use the word terrorism as a blanket term to cover the militant and violent activities of terrorist groups in the Middle East, but this list also encompasses organizations operating in other parts of the world. While there is no definitive definition for “terrorism,” the most infamous terrorist attack in modern history is Al Qaeda’s assault on the Twin Towers in New York City on 9/11. Many governments are doing their best to curb terrorist activities, but terrorist groups continue to thrive.

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